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SignerProcess Method

Process a document

Apply document-level processing options without any signature operation. For example:

  • To encrypt or decrypt PDF documents that may be signed (see the samples "Encrypt" and "Decrypt").
  • To remove signatures and unsigned signature fields (see RemoveSignatures).
  • To add validation information to existing signatures (see AddValidationInformation).

Non-critical processing errors raise a Warning. It is recommended to review the WarningCategory and handle them if necessary for the application.

Namespace: PdfTools.Sign
Assembly: PdfTools (in PdfTools.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public Document Process(
	Document document,
	Stream stream,
	OutputOptions outputOptions = null,
	Provider provider = null


document  Document
The input document to process
stream  Stream
The stream where the output document is written
outputOptions  OutputOptions  (Optional)
The document-level processing options
provider  Provider  (Optional)
The cryptographic provider to use to add validation information to existing signatures of input document (see AddValidationInformation). Can be if no validation information is added or to use the default provider.

Return Value

LicenseExceptionThe license check has failed.
IOExceptionWriting to the stream failed.
UnsupportedFeatureExceptionThe input PDF contains unrendered XFA form fields. See Xfa for more information on how to detect and handle XFA documents.
HttpExceptionIf a network error occurs, e.g. downloading revocation information (OCSP, CRL).
ArgumentNullExceptionif document is .
ArgumentNullExceptionif stream is .
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