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Version: Version 1.3

Pdftools SDK

The Pdftools SDK is a comprehensive development library that lets developers integrate advanced PDF functionalities into in-house applications.

With the Pdftools SDK, you can:

The Pdftools SDK is available for multiple operating systems and languages:

Supported languages and frameworks

Language or frameworkDocumentation page
.NET.NET getting started
JavaJava getting started
CC getting started
Other languages (Go, Python)Using other languages with the Pdftools SDK

Supported operating systems

Operating systemSupported architecture and other dependencies
Windows Client 7+x86 or x64
Windows Server 2008+x86 or x64
macOS 10.10+x64 or arm64
Linux (RHEL 6.9+, CentOS 9+, Oracle Linux 8+, Fedora 29+, Debian 10+, Ubuntu 22.04+)x64
Other Linux distribution (glibc 2.34+)Linux kernel 2.6+, GCC toolset 4.8+, glibc 2.34+, x64
Other Linux distribution (glibc 2.12+)Linux kernel 2.6+, GCC toolset 4.1+, glibc 2.12+, x64