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Update the Conversion Service

To update to the latest version of the Conversion Service, you use the Conversion Service MSI installer package.

The Microsoft Software installer package runs all necessary steps to update your installation, including workflows, profile configurations, and integrations. It updates the service and the main client (GUI client and shell client). It detects the current installation version and updates all required files as appropriate. The name of the service installer file has the format ConversionService-<versionNumber>.msi.

If you use additional Conversion Service clients, there is a separate installer package for the Conversion Service client. It allows you to update any additional clients that use either the GUI client or the shell client, and the Office Add-ins. The name of the client installer has the format ConversionService-Client-<versionNumber>.msi.


When you update your Conversion Service installation to the latest version, the configuration is no longer compatible with previous versions.

You can use the installer to update from any version to the latest version. If the installer does not detect any existing Conversion Service configuration, it installs a new instance of the Conversion Service.

Before you begin

Check the version of the Conversion Service currently installed using the Conversion Service Configurator. In the About tab, you can view the version number and the installation directory.

Since it is an automatic process, the installer backs up all relevant files such as appsettings.json and workflows. In the unlikely event that there is an error during the update process, your installation can be restored using these files.


Do not uninstall the Conversion Service before updating. If you do so, any Office configuration that you have set up for the service is lost.
If this happens, you need to configure the Office setup again.

To update your Conversion Service installation:

  1. Download the installer MSI file from Licenses & Kits area of MyPdfTools.
    Check the name carefully to identify the latest version, as you may have access to more than one version.
  2. Double-click on the MSI installation package to run the installer.
  3. In the Installation wizard, click Next.
  4. Read the license agreement, select the I accept the Terms checkbox, and click Next.
  5. Click Install. The installer starts to check the existing installation and make any necessary changes.
  6. Once the process has completed, click Finish.