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Create new job

Create a new job to be processed with the given workflow and profile. After the job has been created, data (typically documents) can be added using the addData request.

All created jobs should be deleted using the deleteJob request.

Query Parameters
    workflow string

    The name of the workflow.

    If no workflow is specified, the default workflow of the service is used.

    Example: Archive PDF/A-2
    profile string

    The name of the profile.

    If no profile is specified, the default profile of the workflow is used.

    Example: default
    name string

    The name of the job.

    This value may be used by the workflow, e.g. to name the output file when merging multiple inputs.

Request Body

Body of the createJob request

  • Array [
  • name string required

    Option name

    The list of supported options depends on the profile used. Common names are:

    • DOC.PASSWORD: Password used for password protected files. This option can be added multiple times, where all passwords are tried. The list of passwords is also used to open embedded and/or attached files.
    value string required

    The option's value.

    Note that the value must match the type required by the option. Otherwise workflow processing will abort with an error code option.

  • ]

Successful response to the createJob and getJobInfo requests

    jobId jobId required

    Unique ID of the job.

    The job ID can be used to control the job, e.g. start it, as well as identify corresponding messages in the service log file. Therefore it is highly recommended to log the job ID in the client log file.

    status object required
    code jobStatusCode required

    Possible values: [creating, pending, processing, completed]

    message string required

    A message describing the job's status in more detail. Example: "Converting 'input.pdf' to PDF/A."