Flexible printing control of PDF documents from the Dealer Management System

IndustryIT Services
Company size30 - 50
Used ProductsPDF Printer

In order to enhance CDP, Vector needed a solution which could easily and efficiently print PDF documents based on specified settings.

Lutz Herkel
Product Manager, Vector Software Datenver­arbeitung GmbH
Using the 3-Heights® PDF Printer gave us more flexibility in tuning our product to the needs of the small vehicle operations. Our expectations are extremely high due to the use of our CDP software package in businesses that have between five and 400 users and are located in up to 15 sites. The 3-Heights® PDF Printer helps us master the challenges posed by printing management.

Application requirements

In order to enhance CDP, Vector needed a solution which could easily and efficiently print PDF documents based on specified settings. The software should be easy to integrate in the existing Java code, guarantee compatibility with all standard printer drivers, and offer a high level of flexibility during the printing process, i.e. with the print job parameters.

Customer benefits

Users from the different departments of a small vehicle business, from sales, dispatchers and warehouse personnel through to recipients and administration are capable of printing their documents in almost any format out of the CDP software package. The solution is primarily used for printing receipts, be it from repair jobs (invoices or job tickets), delivery or material notices, or receipts from vehicle deals, for example invoices and rental agreements.

More than 65 different document types are available. The numerous layouts can be produced on various printers, with or without duplex, with single mouse click. Using the 3-Heights® PDF Printer makes an individual printing control possible. This flexibility saves time and helps optimize the processes in the small vehicle business.


The 3-Heights® PDF Printer was integrated into CDP by means of its Java API. Thanks to the thin interface and extensive functionality of the tool, all customer wishes for controlling the print process could be fulfilled. The simple and smooth implementation of the 3-Heights® PDF Printer, coupled with an attractive cost/performance ratio were key to the decision to use the software from PDF Tools AG.

Brief portrait of Vector Software Datenver­arbeitung GmbH

Vector develops and markets a proprietary software package called CDP (Car Dealer Package) for small vehicle businesses. CDP is a dealer management system that covers all aspects of daily operational processes like customer management, vehicle trading, warehousing, repair shop etc. Vector is headquartered in Vienna and is internationally active.

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