Straightforward, stable and error-free generation of PDF documents from applications

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Academia’s administrative personnel needed a stable software, ease of use, a function for saving PDFs in the file system, and an option to send PDFs by email. The 3-Heights™ PDF Producer itself, along with the support provided, proved compelling arguments for academia.

Florian Furler
IT Manager
The look of satisfaction on the faces of employees when asked about printing PDFs is evidence of a straightforward and stable software program. The straightforward and fast response from PDF Tools AG is worthy of special mention. The company’s support team went out of its way to help us resolve problems during the test phase and ensure that we could start the evaluation on time.

Application requirements

Academia’s administrative personnel work at various locations throughout Switzerland. Wherever the workplace may be, all have independent access to the same working environment and in-house applications via terminal servers. Activities often involve filing documents generated by all kinds of software solutions as PDFs, although the software concerned has no built-in capability to do this.

For many years, academia made do with a free PDF converter program. Frequent crashes and slow processing combined with excessive options that only confused end users, forced academia to look for a more suitable solution. The criteria were quickly defined in discussions with end users: stable software, ease of use, a function for saving PDFs in the file system, and an option to send PDFs by email were among the top requirements that the new program would have to fulfill.

Customer benefits

Integration of the 3-Heights® PDF Producer enables academia personnel to more efficiently convert documents in various formats to PDF. Furthermore, the IT department has witnessed a significant decline in the number of requests for support with generating PDF documents.


academia became aware of the products developed by PDF Tools AG at an event organized by a partner company. Shortly afterwards, a test version was sent for evaluation. The 3-Heights® PDF Producer itself, along with the support provided during the evaluation phase, proved compelling arguments for academia.

The 3-Heights® PDF Producer was integrated in a redundant terminal server environment, which guarantees that users at every location have access to all programs and data.

Brief portrait of Academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Schweiz AG

academia maintains a number of language schools with their own training centers throughout Switzerland. 300 language trainers hold 4,500 courses every year. As an associate of Culanco, one of the largest international schooling providers, academia belongs to a network of 330 quality schools in 80 countries around the world. The intuition learning center and an international school in Basel are also part of academia education group.

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