FileNet report manager migration at American insurance provider

IndustryIT Services
Company size200 - 500
Used ProductsConversion Service

The requirement was to migrate the customer's files from their existing (.prm) format into a valid PDF format and incorporate them into a new operating system.

Michael Brady
Vice President, Professional Services, Ohio Valley Region, consilium1
Our expertise lies in providing unique and strategic business solutions for our clients. In this case, PDF Tools AG was an integral part of our solution, providing us with a one-of-a kind device that seamlessly integrated into our custom migration toolset. With this partnership in place, we were able to help our client out of a tough situation and deliver on their objective far ahead of schedule, while also reducing their operating costs by 15%, and upgrading their technology.

Application requirements

The Customer – a large American insurance provider that offers a wide variety of specialized insurance products to owners of manufactured homes, boats, personal watercraft, collector vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, and specialty dwellings such as vacant homes, rental properties, etc. – had a large database of information utilizing an antiquated application housed on a server run by what would soon become an unsupported operating system. The requirement was to migrate these files from their existing (.prm) format into a valid PDF format and incorporate them into a new operating system. The valid PDF’s could then be recognized by PDF software and eliminate the need for the old server and software infrastructure.

Customer benefits

The customer got the benefit of a successful migration of over 36 million mission critical documents completed in just four months. By eliminating the need for the FileNet Report Manager software and dedicated server, they will enjoy a 15\% reduction in operating and licensing costs during the current fiscal year. PDF Tools AG proved to be an invaluable partner on this project. Their flexibility and intuitive toolset allowed consilium1 to quickly assemble a custom-built solution for their customer. The project exceeded the client’s expectations. consilium1 gained not only a new trusted partner, but also a unique solution model to leverage for future opportunities.


consilium1 was looking for a simple, flexible tool that they could incorporate into their custom application to help them build an innovative solution to complete the project on time.  PDF Tools AG was the only vendor in the industry that had the necessary PDF know-how, functionality and programmatic API code that consilium1 needed to incorporate into their custom application. The intuitive functionality provided by PDF Tools AG combined with the problem solving expertise of consilium1 allowed the integrator to create an innovative custom application that not only solved a tremendous business challenge for their client, but also created an entirely new service opportunity for their business. The approach in implementing this project was simple. consilium1 needed something flexible enough to handle a completely unique situation, but also something that was powerful enough to process a high volume of documents with a minimal amount of steps. Taking problem solving to the next level, they were able to seamlessly integrate with the PDF Tools AG technology to create a unique application that accomplished an eight-month or longer task in just four months.

Brief portrait of Consilium1

Founded in 1996, consilium1 is a national information technology consulting services company with over 500 expert consultants located across the United States. Operating under their single minded philosophy – “We can do that,” consilium1 thrives on solving complex business challenges through innovative solutions in: Data Center and Networking, Security and Business Continuity, Enterprise Content Management, Open Source Adoption, Data Management, Enterprise Application Development & Integration, Cloud Computing, Hosting & Managed Services, and Collaboration & Messaging.

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