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Version: 1.0

About the Pdf Tools SDK

The Pdf Tools SDK is a comprehensive development library that lets developers integrate advanced PDF manipulation, optimization, and validation functionalities into in-house applications.

Through its interfaces (Java, .NET, C) and thanks to its flexibility, developers can integrate advanced PDF functionality into virtually any application.

Supported PDF versions
The Pdf Tools SDK supports these PDF versions:

PDF 1.xPDF Reference 1.3 - 1.6
PDF 1.7PDF 1.7 / ISO 32000-1
PDF 2.0PDF 2.0 / ISO 32000-2
PDF/A-1aPDF/A-1a / ISO 19005-1 / Level A conformance
PDF/A-1bPDF/A-1b / ISO 19005-1 / Level B conformance
PDF/A-2aPDF/A-2a / ISO 19005-2 / Level A conformance
PDF/A-2bPDF/A-2b / ISO 19005-2 / Level B conformance
PDF/A-2uPDF/A-2u / ISO 19005-2 / Level U conformance
PDF/A-3aPDF/A-3a / ISO 19005-3 / Level A conformance
PDF/A-3bPDF/A-3b / ISO 19005-3 / Level B conformance
PDF/A-3uPDF/A-3u / ISO 19005-3 / Level U conformance

Document validation

For more about validating PDF documents with the Pdf Tools SDK, see Validate PDF documents.

Document optimization

For more about optimizing PDF documents with the Pdf Tools SDK, see Optimize PDF documents.

PDF document and image conversion

For more about converting files with the Pdf Tools SDK, see Convert with the Pdf Tools SDK.

Document encryption

For more about encrypting PDF documents with the Pdf Tools SDK, see Encrypt PDF documents.