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Pdftools Licensing Service

The Pdftools Licensing Service validates and manages the license keys used with your Pdftools products. The Pdftools Licensing Service provides a cloud-based service that, in its default configuration, requires continuous connection to the Pdftools product.


The Pdftools Licensing Service is available for:

  • Pdftools SDK
  • Newer releases of Conversion Service (since version 4.7)

By default, the Pdftools products connect to the Pdftools Licensing Service directly. Suppose your architecture requires installing the Pdftools products in a private network not connected to the internet. In that case, you can use the Licensing Gateway Service to communicate with the Pdftools Licensing Service.

The Licensing Gateway Service allows you to use valid licenses for Pdftools products offline for varied amounts of time (this period can depend on the type of product). You don't need to maintain a connection to the Pdftools Licensing Server in this configuration. By installing and configuring the service on a designated machine, you can fully unlock the potential of your Pdftools license within your network infrastructure.

Connecting to the Pdftools Licensing Service

There are several ways you can connect to the Pdftools Licensing Service:

Connecting directly to the Pdftools Licensing Service

You can directly connect the Pdftools products with the Pdftools Licensing Service without a gateway. This configuration is the default setup for all Pdftools products.

Direct connection to the Pdftools Licensing Service

This setup requires continuous connection to the internet. Any network outages may disrupt system operations and limit access to the Pdftools products due to connectivity issues.

Pdftools product with Licensing Gateway Service

You can configure the Pdftools product to use the Licensing Gateway Service on the same system.

Using the Licensing Gateway Service in a single system

This setup enhances robustness and allows for partial offline functionality, enabling the system to remain operational for up to 7 days without an active network connection. This simplifies the setup process and increases system resilience.

Pdftools products on multiple machines with one Licensing Gateway Service

A single Licensing Gateway Service enables you to use Pdftools products across multiple machines. This configuration also gives you the following benefits:

  • Centralized license management.
  • Support for containerized environments.
  • The ability to use products in fully offline-protected networks.

Using the Licensing Gateway Service on a private network

Choose the setup depending on your infrastructure requirements:

  • Containerized setup: Deploy products in containers while the Licensing Gateway Service is configured on a permanent system. This lets you manage licenses efficiently within container environments.
  • Protected setup: Use Pdftools products fully offline within a protected network. The Licensing Gateway Service has internet access outside the protected network. Network settings are configured to enable product access to the proxy service but restrict internet connectivity.

Configuring the Licensing Gateway Service

You set up and install the Licensing Gateway Service in a proxy server. When you add a license key, the service connects to the Pdftools Licensing Service.