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UnsignedSignatureField Class

An unsigned signature field

An unsigned signature field that can be signed. The purpose of the signature field is to indicate that the document should be signed and to define the page and position where the visual appearance of the signature should be placed. This is especially useful for forms and contracts that have dedicated spaces for signatures.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: PdfTools.Pdf
Assembly: PdfTools (in PdfTools.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class UnsignedSignatureField : SignatureField

The UnsignedSignatureField type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBoundingBox

The location on the page

The location of the signature field on the page. Or if the signature field has no visual appearance.
(Inherited from SignatureField)
Public propertyFieldName

The name of the signature field

The field name uniquely identifies the signature field within the document.
(Inherited from SignatureField)
Public propertyPageNumber

The number of the page where this signature is located

Whether the signature field has a visual appearance on that page is indicated by the BoundingBox.
(Inherited from SignatureField)
Public methodEquals
(Inherited from NativeObject)
Public methodGetHashCode
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