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PdfTools.Crypto.Providers.Pkcs11 Namespace

Public classDevice

The cryptographic device (HSM, USB token, etc.)

Public classDeviceList

The list of devices managed by a PKCS#11 module

Public classModule

The PKCS#11 driver module

The PKCS#11 driver module (middleware) manages the cryptographic devices of a particular type.

Note: The PKCS#11 interface requires special handling of the driver modules:

  • In each application, the module can only be loaded once, so there can only be a single Module instance for each driver. Since this object is fully thread-safe, it might be used by multiple threads though.
  • The object must be closed before the application terminates.

Public classSession

A session to a cryptographic device (HSM, USB token, etc.) to perform cryptographic operations

The session can be used to create signature configuration to sign documents.

To acquire a session, the following steps must be performed:

  • Load the PKCS#11 driver module using Load(String).
  • Get the appropriate cryptographic device from the module's Devices. If it can be assumed that there is only a single device available, the GetSingle can be used.
  • Create a session to the device using CreateSession(String).

Public classSignatureConfiguration

The signature configuration

Public classTimestampConfiguration

The time-stamp configuration