PDF rendering & desktop tools – components overview

3-Heights™ PDF Printer

The component is characterized by high performance and ease of integration. It is available in three versions: as an API designed for programmatically controllable printing, as shell for uncomplicated mass printing and as a service for automated printing in the background.

Use cases

  • Print on paper
  • Print to virtual printer
  • Print automatically from monitored directory
  • Print from within application
  • Batch printing

3-Heights™ PDF Producer

The 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer creates PDF, PDF/A and TIFF documents from any Windows application via the print function.

Use cases

  • Create PDF, PDF/A and TIFF documents using the print function in Windows applications
  • Integrate into existing application to create PDF documents
  • Offer PDF creation on virtual desktop systems

3-Heights™ PDF Web Viewer

The 3-Heights™ PDF Web Viewer API is a compact, high-performance, high-quality javascript PDF viewer.

Use cases

  • View your PDF documents in high quality in browsers and on mobile devices
  • Seamless and efficient integration in your corporate browser and web applications
  • Apply pictures, text or more to your PDF documents

3-Heights™ PDF Viewer

The 3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer is a compact and sophisticated component for viewing PDF documents.

Use cases

  • Integrate seamlessly into existing applications as ActiveX control element
  • Display PDF, PDF/A and image formats
  • Customize controls and appearance


PDF Rendering 2.0

The PDF graphics model is unique and differs significantly from the models of most of the publically available graphics engines. What are the requirements of a high-quality PDF rendering engine and is there a relation to PDF 2.0?

Special about the essential part of a good PDF rendering engine

We have a series of very specialized tools for various scenarios. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirement you may have.