3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter – convert PDF pages to EMF streams

The component 3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter allows for converting every page of a PDF file to an EMF file. Being the native graphic format of Windows, EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format) plays a key role in applications such as the embedding of scalable vector graphics in documents, report generators, client-server solutions for PDF viewers and much more.

A special feature of the component is its handling with embedded fonts. One has the option to extract embedded fonts and use them together with the EMF page or create an EMF page on its own and use matching pre-installed fonts.


Convert any PDF document to an EMF document


EMF-based Windows applications such as report generators


View PDF content without a PDF viewing software

Product illustration 3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter

PDF to EMF Converter - features

  • Create EMF documents
  • Convert individual pages
  • List and extract embedded fonts
  • Replace embedded fonts by pre-installed fonts
  • Replace fonts by vector outlines
  • Read encrypted PDF documents
  • Set surface dimensions
  • Support for all languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Supported formats

Input formats

  • PDF 1.0 to 1.7
  • PDF 2.0

Output formats

  • EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format)
  • EMF & TrueType Fonts
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Areas of use - PDF conversion to EMF

Embed PDF in other documents

Convert the content of PDF documents to EMF and re-embed it in various document types (compound documents).

Display PDF without a PDF viewer

In a server/client solution for PDF viewing the PDF to EMF Converter resides on a server to create EMF files. These can be used for displaying PDF content on clients without a PDF viewer.

Report generator

The PDF to EMF Converter turns PDF documents or pages thereof into EMF files, which are part of a generated report.

Integration of highly complex PDF documents without format discontinuity

Customers of List & Label are predominantly software developers who integrate the reporting tool into their own applications. The List & Label Designer is then handed over to the end customer as part of their respective solution. Worldwide there are millions of satisfied end users.