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Products from PDF Tools AG are always undergoing further development to accommodate customer input and market requirements; we are also continuously developing new products that we would like to show you here. You can also find us at leading trade shows, conferences and experts' conventions. We will be pleased to inform you in person.

Final release 4.8 - 15 years of experience

Newsletter February 2017
Release 4.8
New products & ...

Newsletter July 2016
Release 4.7
New products & ...

Christmas 2016 - Part 11
Chestnuts - Marroni - Kastanien

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Final release 4.9 - Fact news and votes ;-)

  • Release Notes 4.9
  • Solothurn’s hospitals prepars eDossiers for PDF/A conversion
  • PDF and PDF/A functionality in a document management system
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  • New customers counting on products by PDF Tools AG

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Quality over quantity - BIT, 2017-3

Interview Hans Bärfuss – PDF Tools is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Despite its relatively short history, it has been very successful so far. BIT caught up with the company’s founder Dr. Hans Bärfuss to discuss the secret to his success, a surprise trip to mark the company’s anniversary, the advantages of having a centralized development department, and the challenges facing the archivists of the future.

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Document processes in the digital age - Swiss IT Magazin, 2017-3

Nadine Schuppisser – Recognizing new potential and using it successfully has to be learned – from rush jobs to digital long-term archives. Digitization is now a recognized process and is becoming increasingly visible in our everyday lives. The flood of paper is decreasing, hanging files and folders are almost retro, and virtually no-one can imagine a day spent without the internet.

Read more about numerous advantages of a digital long-term archive

Latest videos around PDF & PDF/A

REST API for cloud-based PDF processing

  • Speaker: Marco Grossi (iLovePDF), Christoph Burkhalter
  • Event: PDF Days Europe 2017
  • Language: English

Experiences about building and maintaining a Webservice and it's integration into a mobile application.