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Legally binding archiving of PDF documents including the use of digital signatures

Application requirements

Rottal-Metzg AG has been using an ERP solution based on the uniPaaS framework from Magic Software for several years. As part of an internal improvement project, based on the uniPaaS framework, an enhancement was made in order to archive creditor receipts as ZertES-conforming (federal regulation dealing with digital signatures, ZertES SR 943.03) PDF documents. The responsible decision makers selected the 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter from PDF Tools AG together with an organization certificate and USB token from SwissSign to accomplish this.


The PDF to PDF/A converter from PDF Tools AG was set up as service, enabling users to easily apply a digital signature to numerous different PDF documents via a net share. The process for registering creditors had to be adapted in order to use the net share solution in the ERP system.

Following completion of this project, all creditor invoices (approximately 6000 pages per year) are now digitally signed and automatically transferred into the electronic archive. As a further improvement, Rottal-Metzg AG is now investigating if this process can be expanded to include customer invoices (i.e. e-Billing) and also other possible areas of use.

Customer benefits

Through integration of the 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter and the electronic certificate from SwissSign, Rottal-Metzg AG has established a long-term archiving solution that conforms to both the ISO standard and ZertES.

The PDF converter is configured such that the user is not required to enter a PIN. Due to the guaranteed visual reproducibility and the digital signature, the PDF documents that are created possess all of the properties required for an audit-conforming receipt.

Brief portrait of Rottal-Metzg AG

Rottal-Metzg AG is a meat processing company and covers a large part of their meat market through their modern equipped slaughter house. The company also runs a commercial outlet at their headquarters in Ruswil. Some 60 employees deliver products to resellers, restaurants, employee canteens and retailers in central Switzerland, resulting in yearly revenues of about CHF 20 Mio.

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Customer statements

“With PDF Tools AG we have found a competent partner for easily bringing our PDF documents into an archive-compatible format that includes a digital signature.

We were very professionally supported during the implementation of the solution and trust the experience of our partner.

In the near future we will, based on this solution, integrate more documents into the business process (e.g. e-Billing). We are striving to digitize all of our existing paper processes. In future our customers and other business partners will be able to select between digital and paper formats.”

Fabian Zihlmann,
Head of IT, Rottal-Metzg AG