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We offer a range of services in addition to our mature products. We can fall back on broad experience in the field of technology and with regard to business administration issues. Over the years we have created customized solutions for many customers that we have used in part to further develop our standard products. It is therefore always worthwhile contacting us to clarify how we can help you with whatever challenge you face in handling PDF and PDF/A issues.

Pre-sales support

For questions relating to products, functionality, platforms, prices, licensing models, test versions and online demos. Please send an email to pdfsales.


For new product versions or bugfixes for existing versions during the lifecycle of your application. You will need to have a valid maintenance contract to benefit from maintenance services. Maintenance services are included free of charge for the first 30 days after purchase. For maintenance support please send an email to pdfsupport.


We operate a highly efficient email hotline that offers answers to your questions within one working day (usually within a few hours). If you have questions regarding our products or want to submit a problem report, please send an email to pdfsupport.

After-sales support

For support when using our products and if you would like to request a bugfix or workaround solution. Support is a component of the annual maintenance fee and is included in the purchase price for the first 30 days after purchase. Please send an email to pdfsupport@pdf-tools.com

You will need a support contract if you do not have a maintenance contract and require support after the 30-day period has expired. Please send an email to pdfsales.


For support when optimizing business processes by utilizing the right PDF tools. Please send an email to pdfsales to learn more about this subject.

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