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Murphy's Law - from capturing to archiving

Companies have to strike a balance between profitability, feasibility and meeting legal requirements. A long-term digital archive, in which all information about the company and its activities is recorded, can form part of the solution. An archive with reliable tools and structures makes it possible to create case-specific files automatically.

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Source: BIT, Edition 5 2016
Author: Nadine Schuppisser, PDF Tools AG


Scan Server, digital long term archiving

These days, most companies no longer wish to waste time and money on filling windowless rooms with paper files or assigning staff to search for paper documents. More and more managers are realizing the benefits of digital archiving, and not just in large enterprises. But how should it be implemented?

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Source: www.dokmagazin.de, Edition 2 2016
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


PDF 2.0 - next generation

It is rare for industrial products to survive for more than 20 years – especially in the IT industry. Not even the inventors of the PDF could have imagined just how successful their file format would be when they launched the first version of Acrobat in June 1993. The members of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are now working on the next generation of this popular format.

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Source: www.dokmagazin.de, Edition 5 2015
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


ZUGFeRD - the new standard for electronic invoices

The ZUGFeRD standard for human and machine-readable electronic invoices supports manual and fully automated processing and long-term archiving. PDF Tools AG offers various products that can be used to create and check ZUGFeRD-compliant documents.

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Source: BIT, Edition 6 2015
Author: Nadine Schuppisser, PDF Tools AG


High image quality at a low data volume – from scan to information

A central scan server service enables large volumes of paper documents to be quickly and efficiently converted into electronic documents, prepared for processing and stored in a long-term archive. A scan server, such as the 3‑Heights Scan to PDF Server offered by PDF Tools AG, converts scanned files and accompanying index files into the standardized PDF/A file format.

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Source: BIT, 6 2014
Author: Nadine Schuppisser, PDF Tools AG


The PDF – we can’t do without it.
Document formats, ISO standards, long‑term archiving

Not all document formats have managed to become a standard and nowhere near enough deliver what they promise. So what can or should we expect from a format? What are the most important quality characteristics of a format and how can we find out whether a format is ‘good’?

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Source: www.dokmagazin.de, Edition 2 2014
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?

Scanned documents have been archived successfully in PDF/A format for more than six years. However, the attitude towards archiving digitally created documents is more reserved. What are the reasons? Some are obvious: scanned documents are easier to convert into PDF/A format, whilst converting digitally created documents usually represents a technical challenge. Slightly less obvious are errors in the reproduction of the converted document, functional limitations of the PDF/A standard, and other reasons. However, these challenges can be overcome with the right strategies.

Source: www.dokmagazin.de, edition 3 2013
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


Document digitization in PDF/A. How to make a success of complex projects.

Public and private enterprises like to keep up with the times; they launch projects and ride on the crest of the digitization wave. Infrastructures for centralizing archives and worldwide online research are created to raise productivity and lower costs, as is always the case with these projects. But do we actually have digitization under control? Are we not creating new risks? What do we need to know to prevent projects from turning into nightmares? A contribution by Dr. Hans Bärfuss, CEO of PDF Tools AG.

Source: BIT: 2 2013, February 2013
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


PDF/VT – The ISO Standard for Variable-Data-Printing (VDP) – An important standard

In 2010 the International Organization for Standardization released the PDF/VT Standard with the number ISO 16612-2, which deals with the reliable document exchange for variable data and transactional (VT) printing. The new Standard offers useful new possibilities for Variable-Data-Printing (VDP) solutions.

Source: BIT: 3 2012, May 2012
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


The long-term retention of emails

All business leaders today know that a large portion of their organization’s value lies in its documents. Documents also form the basis for demonstrating proof in legal disputes. The flood of emails in businesses is now requiring archivists to confront the special demands of retaining digital documents.

Source: www.dokmagazin.de, December 2011
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG


Digital archiving projects with PDF/A

If one wants to eliminate mountains of paper records and the associated retention costs, then the implementation of a legally binding digital archiving system cannot be avoided. But are corporations and their project leaders sufficiently prepared for this?



Statement on PDF/A implementation projects ”What have we learned in six years?”

The ISO standard for archiving digital documents, PDF/A, has been in force since 2005. Dr. Hans Bärfuss, founder and CEO of PDF Tools AG, takes a look at what has been achieved during this time and what still needs to be done.



Why is PDF/A important for SharePoint applications?

There is hardly another platform in organizations that has become as widespread as SharePoint. SharePoint Server is not a final product, but an application platform on top of which DMS systems such as windream and customer specific solutions are build up.



Meaningful combination?

The combination of PDF/A technology and SharePoint provides enterprises with the advantage of an automated archiving solution, which gives a seamless technical realization of legal or corporate regulations. The article explains advantages of long-term archiving of documents in PDF/A format and describes the resulting benefits thereof based on practical examples.

BIT 2.2011 PDF Tools


PDF/A for digital-born documents – archiving MS-Office documents, emails and websites

When compared with the preservation of data in its original format, there are many advantages to archiving documents and data from digital sources into PDF/A. The source applications are rapidly being developed further. As a result of this, after only a few years, the readability and the authentic display of data can no longer be guaranteed. Furthermore, a company must maintain all of the applications that are used and all of the platforms on which they operate. This incurs considerable costs. Even for documents and files that are created digitally, PDF/A is an excellent choice for long-term archiving and comes with great advantages with regard to uniformity, searchability and cost-effectiveness.

PDF/A up to date 2010


UBS archives web pages in PDF/A format

UBS AG is implementing a groundbreaking project together with PDF Tools AG for archiving business-critical web pages in a manner compliant with auditing requirements. The result: enhanced security for documentation and review of communications contents. And the corporate archivist is very happy.

PDF/A up to date 2010 (PDF 61 KB)

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