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Anyone delving into the topic of PDF will soon discover the huge scope of potential opportunities the format has to offer. PDF has undergone continuous development for more than 15 years and has evolved into a universal format for virtually every requirement of modern business and private life.

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White Papers

You can find valuable knowledge about PDF and PDF/A in our white papers from the series "Understanding PDF". The fact that the white paper on PDF/A is downloaded many thousands of times per month speaks for the quality of the information it contains. We will be pleased to provide you with a personal consultation at any time.

PDF Primer

This white paper explains the basics of PDF. The knowledge it contains will enable you to better assess the areas in which PDF can be used and to determine the situations in which PDF can provide a solution to a specific problem.


  • What does PDF do and what is it for?
  • How does PDF handle content?
  • How is a PDF file structured?
  • What options does PDF offer?
  • What are the limitations of PDF?

White Paper: PDF Primer (PDF, 1 MB)


PDF/VT – the ISO Standard for Variable Data Printing (VDP) Applications


  • The ISO Standard PDF/VT
  • The difference between PDF/VT-1, PDF/VT-2 and PDF/VT-2s
  • Where can I obtain a copy of the standard?
  • The advantages of PDF/VT
  • Where is the format used?
  • Which tools are available?
  • How has the market reacted?
  • PDF/VT – a standard with a future

White Paper: PDF/VT – the ISO Standard for Variable Data Printing (VDP) Applications (PDF 320 KB)


3-Heights™ Document Converter – Basics and Applications


  • Introduction
  • What does a central conversion service do?
  • How is the service used?
  • What are the benefits of a central service?
  • What additional functions does the service offer?
  • Architecture and performance features
  • Quality: reproduction fidelity and ISO conformance
  • Robust, unattended operation
  • Distributed architecture and scalability
  • Performance
  • Application integration interfaces
  • Extensibility: Document formats and supplemental functions
  • Product Editions
  • About PDF Tools AG

White Paper: 3-Heights™ Document Converter – Basics and Applications (PDF 540 KB)


The 3-Heights™ Scan Server – Basics and Applications


  • Functions and benefits
  • Why is a scanner not enough?
  • What does a central scan server do?
  • Where can the service be used?
  • What are the advantages of a central service?
  • What additional functions does the service offer?
  • Architecture and features
  • Compression and image quality
  • Text recognition
  • ISO-conformance and conformance check
  • Distributed architecture and scalability
  • Performance
  • Interfaces for application integration
  • Extensibility with additional functions

White Paper: The 3-Heights™ Scan Server – Basics and Applications

PDF/A – the standard for long-term archiving

This white paper introduces you to the secrets of PDF/A, the new ISO Standard for long-term archiving. You will learn about its strengths and limitations and get to know where it should be put to use.


  • Why the PDF/A Initiative?
  • What is the PDF/A Standard?
  • What is PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2?
  • How should the PDF/A Standard be implemented?
  • Does PDF/A provide answers to every question on long-term archiving?

White Paper: PDF/A – the standard for
long-term archiving
(PDF, 1 MB)


PDF/A-2 Overview

In July 2011, the ISO released the PDF/A-2 standard. In anticipation of introducing PDF/A-2, businesses are asking us two key questions:

  • What is different from PDF/A-1 to PDF/A-2?
  • Do I have to re-convert my PDF/A-1 documents to PDF/A-2?

This article will answer the two questions and offer insight to the PDF/A-2 standard.

PDF/A-2 Overview (PDF, 94 KB)


PDF/A-3 Overview

The ISO Committee released the third edition of the standard (ISO 19005-3) in October 2012.
Here you find answers to the questions:

  • What is the difference between PDF/A-2 and
  • Which PDF/A format is the right one?

And gain insight into the PDF/A-3 standard.

PDF/A-3 Overview (PDF, 94 KB)

You can also find much more information on PDF/A on our special PDF/A page.

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