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3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter


Areas of use
Technical details


The component 3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter allows for converting every page of a PDF file to an EMF file. Being the native graphic format of Windows, EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format) plays a key role in applications such as the embedding of scalable vector graphics in documents, report generators, client-server solutions for PDF viewers and much more.

A special feature of the component is its handling with embedded fonts. One has the option to extract embedded

3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter

fonts and use them together with the EMF page or create an EMF page on its own and use matching pre-installed fonts.


  • Create EMF documents
  • Convert individual pages
  • Set surface size and position
  • List and extract embedded fonts
  • Replace embedded fonts by pre-installed fonts
  • Replace fonts by vector outlines
  • Read encrypted PDF documents

3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter


Properties and benefits

  • Convert any PDF document to an EMF document
  • Depending on the application scenario select between using original fonts, pre-installed replacement fonts and converting fonts to vector outlines
  • View PDF content without a PDF viewing software

Performance characteristics

  • High performance and scalability
  • Ease of integration

Areas of use

Embed PDF in other documents

Convert the content of PDF documents to EMF and re-embed it in various document types (compound documents).

Display PDF without a PDF viewer

In a server / client solution for PDF viewing the PDF to EMF Converter resides on a server to create EMF files. These can be used for displaying PDF content on clients without a PDF viewer.

Report generator

The PDF to EMF Converter turns PDF documents or pages thereof into EMF files, which are part of a generated report.

Technical details

Input formats

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

Output formats

  • EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format)
  • EMF & TrueType Fonts

Operating systems

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Windows Server 2008 or newer


  • API: C, COM

Programming languages

All program libraries are written in efficient and thread-safe C++. API offers a selection of the following connections to programming languages:

  • MS Visual Basic, .NET interop, Borland Delphi, MS Office products such as Access and C++ via COM
  • C and C++ via native C

Product variants

  • API (programming interface)

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