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News 02-2011

February 8, 2011

3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library

New Licensing Model Starting February 1, 2011!

Success Story: FileNet Report Manager Migration at American Insurance Provider


3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library

Since the publication of the PDF/A-1 standard, PDF Tools AG has been offering components for editing, converting, signing, viewing and printing.

For creating of PDF/A-1 documents from scratch the dedicated component 3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library is available. It provides developers with a comprehensive state of the art object model, which is consistently oriented on the structure of the ISO standard. It comes with interfaces to all important technologies such as C, .NET and Java.

The component allows for realizing efficient on-the-fly creation of PDF/A compliant documents from within an application in a simple way. Additional areas of application and technical details are described at 3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library.


New Licensing Model Starting February 1, 2011!

On February 1, 2011 PDF Tools AG introduced the new licensing model. It stands out due to its noticeable simplifications and improved transparency with respect to licensing and pricing. The goal of the model is to find a fair compensation for the benefit the customer gets from the software. The cornerstones of the new model are:

  1. The throughput model that has been applied to certain products since the beginning of 2010 is now in use for all products. The throughput corresponds to the number of processed pages per month and is offered in steps of 6’000 pages.
  2. As from now, it is only differentiated between production, test and evaluation license. For development a production license with a throughput of at least 6’000 pages is required. A license for a test environment is available in combination with a production license at the costs of a fraction of a production license. The evaluation license is still valid for 30 days and is free of charge.
  3. There are special pricing models available for OEM solutions, one-time uses, renting and unlimited throughput. For any of these cases, the sales department of  PDF Tools offers interesting individual solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department. Please post inquiries directly to
or call
+41 43 411 44 51 (Europe, Middle East, Asia)
+1 403 932 4220 (America, Australia)


Success Story: FileNet Report Manager Migration at American Insurance Provider

A large American insurance provider had a large database of information utilizing an antiquated application housed on a server run by what would soon become an unsupported operating system. The requirement was to migrate these files from their existing (.prm) format into a valid PDF format and incorporate them into a new operating system.
The customer got the benefit of a successful migration of over 36 million mission critical documents completed in just four months. By eliminating the need for the FileNet Report Manager software and dedicated server, they will enjoy a 15% reduction in operating and licensing costs during the current fiscal year.

consilium1, Mason, OH/United States (www.consilium1.com)

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