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3-Heights™ PDF Optimization is integrated in professional digital printing software of inbro Ltd to automate compression of PDF documents

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inbro Ltd, founded in 2003, has helped hundreds of customers to easily and cheaply publish brochures, catalogues, prospectuses, marketing materials and other documents to the web, email and mobile. inbro processes significant amounts of documents each year for delivery to different media, not only saving paper and printing, but also helping generate sales leads and revenue.

Customer requirements

“inbro Professional Digital Printing” is used for publishing to multi-platforms from a single PDF. The software is currently used by approximately 50 primarily UK customers, such
as brochure and magazine publishers including holiday companies, universities and others. inbro was looking for a PDF compression software with a performance comparable
to Adobe’s products, that is able to be run on Linux and on cloud computing platforms.


inbro decided to integrate the PDF Optimization component of PDF Tools AG into their software. The high compression performance, the ability to be run on Linux and in cloud computing as well as the automation of the compression process have been of crucial importance and an imaging clipping customizing lead to further reduction of the file size. The PDF Optimization component enables the solution to efficiently produce PDF documents for several specific purposes. It allows, for example, to send small email-friendly PDF files containing just the information that is needed. In the area of web-based publication
it creates lean files optimized for screen display, whose first page is displayed even before the complete file has been downloaded.

Customers benefit

The main benefit of implementing the component from PDF Tools AG was the reduction of turnaround times and costs. The PDF Optimization component allowed inbro to automate an important part of the PDF processing system, allowing their staff to concentrate on other tasks. Processes have become faster and more reliable, and also enabled inbro to leverage their investment in cloud computing to be able to scale their business cheaply and effectively. Due to the implementation of PDF Optimization the permanent infrastructure could even be reduced by one managed machine.

Customer opinion

With PDF Tools AG we gained a reliable partner with high quality products. They delivered professional and efficient customizing of the product according to our needs. In addition we profited from reasonable prices and sane licensing terms.

Stephen Sykes,
Technical Director, inbro Ltd.

Customer: inbro Ltd, Reading, UK (http://inbro.net)
Product(s): 3-Heights™ PDF Optimization
Download: Success story in PDF

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