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Why PDF Tools AG? 11 good reasons!

There are no doubt more than 11 reasons why customers from around the world decide in favor of our products. The following summarizes why so many people place their trust in our products and our company and therefore enjoy collaborating with us.

1. Prime swiss quality

We have been dealing with PDF technology since 1994 and can fall back on extensive experience in developing PDF and PDF/A components. Every component is developed entirely in Switzerland. Solutions from PDF Tools AG are already running on thousands of servers around the world.

You will have a product with the quality of a Swiss clock!


2. Simple integration and high user friendliness

You will be surprised at how uncomplicated and simple it is to integrate and use our products in your system landscape. Our solutions are tailored to various requirement profiles and characterized by a high level of user friendliness.

Use solutions from PDF Tools AG and your partners and employees will be happy!


3. Independence in your choice of platform

The choice of platform is all yours. Our solutions are not limited through exclusive alignment to Windows. On the contrary – our solutions run on all popular platforms.

We consider flexibility to be more than just a buzzword!


4. Maximum performance

High quality – high volume – high performance.

These are the characteristics of our 3‑Heights™ product family. Our software fulfils the highest performance specifications. Its core technology was developed using an efficient C++ algorithm. Our standardized interfaces enable application software developments in various programming languages (for instance Java or Visual Basic).

You are looking for quality and performance, and we can provide them!


5. Broadest scope of functionality

We offer probably the broadest product range relating to PDF and PDF/A technology. Products from PDF Tools AG enable users to display and print PDF documents, convert them into image formats (and vice versa) as well as analyze, repair, optimize, validate, merge, split, protect, stamp, digitally sign and extend them. We are curious to see how you will integrate our solutions in your business processes.

We are always open to new application ideas!

6. Independence

Solutions from PDF Tools AG can be used in complete independence from other applications.

That makes you even more flexible!


7. Test for free

Free evaluation versions of our solutions are available for downloading from our homepage.

Put us to the test and experience the qualitative differences one-to-one!


8. Fast, competent support

Our support team consists of qualified, highly competent specialists. You can bank on fast and uncomplicated support in the event of a problem or question.

We look forward to hearing from you!


9. Extensive service package

In the event that the project schedule from product development to market launch is too short, we will be pleased to support your project manager in the areas of parameterization, consulting and development.

Benefit from the long-standing experience of our experts!


10. Performance need not be costly

Powerful software does not have to be expensive. We offer a flexible licensing model based on a fair pricing model and aimed at providing you with the best price-performance ratio in accordance with your utilization volume.

Investment protection and return on investment need to be just right for you and us!


11. Up-to-date products thanks to leading know-how

Dr. Hans Bärfuss, CEO and founder of PDF Tools AG, is an internationally acknowledged PDF expert and member and delegate of the Swiss Standards Association on the ISO Committee for the standardization of document formats (in particular PDF/A); he is also co-founder of the PDF Association and the Chairman of the Swiss Chapter. Future trends will be detected early on: the latest trends and functions flow directly into our solutions.

You will always be a step ahead with PDF Tools AG as your partner!

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