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PDFen is an online tool that allows users to save time and money through paperless working and conferencing. The mission of PDFen is to enable their customers to merge and convert documents of any kind or format into a single PDF. PDFen features easy navigation through the use of bookmarks, index and agenda. Documents can be accessed on any tablet (iPad, Nexus, etc.), smartphone or laptop with no hazard of document loss. It simultaneously converts multiple documents to PDF or PDF/A and returns them as a compressed (zip) file. Customers from all kinds of industries and local governments are using PDFen as “Software as a Service” for digital archiving as well as administrative processes.

Application requirements

PDFen’s objective was to decrease the effort customers had to put in to preparing meetings and to make it more user-friendly to work with digital documents during meetings. The customer needed a PDF Software that is able to merge and convert all kind of files (Microsoft Office documents, images, emails or even webpages) by bulk into a PDF/A document and that automatically generates an agenda, the table of contents and the bookmarks. 

The batch conversion method allows PDFen customers to upload documents in the same manner and also to download each document as a separate file. This makes it possible to convert a large amount of files simultaneously. The converted files are delivered in either a .zip or Tar.gz file.

PDFen decided to implement the 3-Heights™ Document Converter Enterprise as the company’s experience with this software was better than with the conversion engine they had used before.


The 3-Heights™ Document Converter Enterprise from PDF Tools AG was integrated as a web service to merge files in the existing PDFen functionality.

Customer benefits

By implementing the 3-Heights™ Document Converter Enterprise the software manufacturer benefits from an improved conversion quality. Very little maintenance was needed on the conversion part and the option to automatically apply OCR is a further USP to PDFen.

The web-based PDF converter can be used to convert almost any type of document into PDF or PDF/A format. As the name implies, PDF/A was designed specifically for archiving over a long period of time. The PDF Tools converter is completely self-contained, meaning that metadata in the form of fonts, images or layout are contained within the document, instead of being referred to by the document and then displayed by the machine. Users don’t have to worry about merging and conversion as everything works automatically and no extra software or manual effort is needed. 

Customer opinion 

PDFen benefits from an excellent support service. Our sales and technical requests were mostly answered within a day and the responses were very satisfactory.

Jurn Raaijmakers, Owner and Founder, PDFen

The 3‑Heights™ product family from PDF Tools AG stands for:

Customer: PDFen, EB Tilburg, Netherlands (www.pdfen.net)

Products used:
PDF Tools AG: 3-Heights™ Document Converter
Other products: Abbyy FineReader Engine 10

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