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German insurance company automates email archiving for claims management

Brief portrait of Interact Consulting AG

As a system integrator, Interact Consulting has developed and implemented solutions and services for the automated processing of unstructured information since 1991. The scope includes solutions for scanning and data input, document management and archiving, and portals for processing unstructured information in general such as email and other electronic objects. In 2009, the company was appointed by a large German insurance provider to automate the email archiving process for personal email belonging to its claims handlers.

Customer application requirements

The client had previously either printed out and then scanned emails and their attachments worthy of archiving or processed them as faxes for archiving in TIFF format. However, the process did not guarantee that every email and every attachment found its way into the archive. The new solution should enable claims handlers to induce the import process for personal email considered worthy of archiving, thereby triggering the archiving process. The challenge lay in developing an automated archiving process for the many millions of emails per year. The choice fell on the solution from PDF Tools AG due to the high throughput rate, stability and reliability of its 3‑Heights™ Document Converter Service.


The emails to be archived are imported using Interact Consulting’s importer module and then converted to a standardized PDF format by the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter Service. Image formats are archived in TIFF format as before. Metadata attributes are assigned to each email to enable case allocation. The data is then processed by the appropriate modules of Interact Consulting’s CaptureSuite software and exported to the archive using EMC Captiva InputAccel.

Customer benefit

The automated archiving process efficiently and reliably converts large quantities of emails and their attachments from OpenOffice and Microsoft Office product formats to a standardized PDF format. The index information is read out automatically in a standardized structure.

Customer opinion

We based our decision to once again use products from software provider PDF Tools AG on our previous positive experience with the company. We benefited from a flexible form of cooperation that enabled us to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Alexander Mestre,  
IT Project Manager,  
Interact Consulting AG

The 3‑Heights™ product family from PDF Tools AG stands for:

Customer: Interact Consulting AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Utilized products:

PDF Tools AG: 3‑Heights™ Document Converter
Interact Consulting AG: Interact Consulting CaptureSuite

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