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Success story

Setting the Mark Printing with the Printcom OMRmarker and PDF Tools!

Brief portrait of Printcom (Switzerland) Ltd

Printcom Ltd is a software and system vendor for output management located in Basel and Lorrach. Founded in 1997, the company employs some 30 professionals who develop and market a proprietary software product for print distribution and controlling mass outputs. Complete output solutions, including service support for printers and multi-functional systems, round out their offerings.

Customer application requirements/implementation

The OMRmarker from Printcom Ltd is a software solution for controlling enveloping systems. By identifying PDF documents based on text elements, it is possible to collect and sort the documents and reproduce them on different printing systems. In order to further enhance their solution, Printcom Ltd required a high-performance library that could send PDF documents indelibly to different printers. The software should be able to manage all of the printing controls of the destination printer, for example simplex/duplex and output tray selection, by means of functional calls. A vital feature was a page-by-page based control. By integrating the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer in the OMRmarker’s print output, these important functionalities could all be successfully realized. The 3-Heights™ PDF Printer was selected both for its high output performance and for the simple management of the library.

Customer benefits

End customer ERP systems mostly create complete, formatted documents. These ERP systems, however, sometimes have problems to control a corresponding printing system error-free. In addition, an OMR code is required for controlling an enveloping system. Combining documents from print jobs that were released at different times into the same mailing requires a respectively intelligent solution. The OMRmarker recognizes specific grouping and sorting criteria on the documents by means of customizable templates. This optimization to the printing output enables the customer to minimize his costs. And thanks to the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer component, the solution works extremely fast and reliable while at the same time delivering a high-quality print result.


Example of implementation at the City of Zurich Tax Office

The City of Zurich’s certified print center, a high capacity, modern infrastructure with a print volume of some 10 million pages per year, supports the widest variety of customer requirements from the administrative offices. The creation, generation, controlling and distribution of printed documents takes place via the OMRmarker output management system from Printcom. Using this system, the City of Zurich’s print center has a guarantee for the amortization of their three Océ endless printers and their central enveloping machine, as well as for the electronic archiving and the related traceability of the printed goods.

Customer opinion

PDF Tools proved themselves through the high performance of their products as well as their high level of PDF competence and strong support.

Giuseppe Ferlisi,
Head of Software, Printcom (Switzerland) Ltd

The 3‑Heights™ product family from PDF Tools AG stands for:

OEM: Printcom (Switzerland) Ltd, Basel, Switzerland (www.printcom.ch)
End customer: City of Zurich Tax Office

Utilized product: PDF Tools AG: 3-Heights™ PDF Printer

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