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Software provider in the corporate marketplace can offer dynamic watermarks thanks to PDF Prep Tool Suite

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McLaren Software Inc. specializes in the development of ECM applications. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) utilizes the technologies for capturing, managing, storing, maintaining and providing content and documents in support of organizational corporate processes. The focus is firmly on increasing efficiency and optimizing business processes by controlling the flow of data and documents.

McLaren Software Inc. offers a product group named "McLaren Enterprise Engineer" consisting of a number of configurable content management applications. The product group is used to significantly expand ECM platforms. This, in turn, achieves the objective of simplifying timely access to information relevant to the company and reducing the complexity of technical content within corporate processes. The result is a trend towards cost reductions through business process optimization. 

Customer application requirements

To enable the dynamic application of watermarks to PDF versions of documents. The information for generating the watermark, for instance a picture, should be obtainable from a central database that is also managed by a central ECM platform.

Solution concept

After comprehensive evaluation the development team at McLaren Software decided in favor of PDF Prep Tool Suite. The program enables the company to offer its customers a stable and safe solution with the required level of security that allows the simple but secure use of watermarks at any time.


McLaren Software can offer its customers dynamic watermarks based on a document's status within its active lifecycle thanks to PDF Prep Tool Suite. The review and approval process is an example of an area of application. A review status ("approved", "pending", etc.) can be added automatically when a PDF file or drawing is generated. This process prevents ambiguity and idle time. It also improves the speed and diligence of the review and approval process. Careful and comprehensive review procedures can be of pivotal importance, especially in business processes with a technical focus.

Customer opinion

We can offer our customers an efficient and robust solution for watermark application thanks to PDF Prep Tool Suite. PDF Tools AG assisted our company by providing outstanding customer service and competent support.

John McGinnis, Marketing Manager, McLaren Software Ltd

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Customer: McLaren Software Ltd, Glasgow, UK (www.mclarensoftware.com)

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