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News 01-2013

January 15, 2013

Highlight: Final Release 4.1

Success Story: Bayer CropScience Relies on the ISO Long-Term Archiving Format PDF/A for Archiving their PDF Documents

New customers which count on products of PDF Tools AG



Final Release 4.1


PDF Tools AG releases version 4.1 of all products of the 3-Heights™ and Classic family. This version again contains numerous enhancements and improvements to existing products. As usual, the new version is made available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract at no costs.

The most important enhancements and improvements to the existing products with this version include, but are not limited to:

  • All products which can handle PDF/A conforming documents now support PDF/A-3, the third part of the ISO-19005 standards.
  • The 3-Heights™ Security Tool now can stamp and sign a document at the same time.
  • The 3-Heights™ PDF Producer has been upgraded so that it can be used in Citrix server farms.

Details can be found in the release notes of this version.


Success Story

Bayer CropScience Relies on the ISO Long-Term Archiving Format PDF/A for Archiving their PDF Documents

More than 20,000 documents that are required by public authorities for regulatory reasons are created yearly within Bayer CropScience. In order to deal with the complexity of the documents both now and in the future, all existing as well as all new documents should be saved as high-quality PDF documents in the document management system. They must be available in a long-term archiving format including bookmarks and full-text indexing.

Success Story Bayer CropScience

New customers which count on products of PDF Tools AG

City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Water & Power, Los Angeles, United States
Product used: PDF Command Line Suite

Zirkle Fruit, Selah, United States
Product used: 3-Heights™ PDF Printer

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