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About PDF Tools AG

PDF Tools AG counts more than 4,000 companies and organizations in 60 countries among its customers, making it one of the world’s leading producers of software solutions and programming components for PDF and PDF/A products.

Dr. Hans Bärfuss, founder and CEO of PDF Tools AG, began using PDF technology in customer projects more than 15 years ago. Since then, the PDF and PDF/A format have evolved into a powerful, widely used format and ISO standard that can be used for almost any application. During this time, PDF Tools AG has developed into one of the most important companies on the market for PDF technology, and has played a significant part in developing the PDF/A ISO standard for electronic long-term archiving.

As the Swiss representative on the ISO committee for PDF/A and PDF, the company’s knowledge flows directly into product development. The result is high quality, efficient products based on the 3‑Heights™ philosophy of the development team, which consists of experienced engineers.

The portfolio of PDF Tools AG ranges from components to services through to solutions. The products support the entire document flow, from raw materials to scanning


processes through to signing and storage in a legally compliant long-term archive. An advantage of the components and solutions is the broad range of interfaces, which ensure smooth and easy integration into existing environments.

Due to the growing demands of the market, the products are enhanced and refined continuously. Support is provided by the developers themselves, allowing them to identify trends and customer requirements quickly and use this knowledge when planning enhancements and components.

All development activities are performed in-house at PDF Tools AG in Switzerland. The company does not outsource any programming, so that the entire development process can take place centrally in a single location. This helps to ensure the high standards expected by the company, particularly with regard to the 3‑Heights™ technology.

The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by the success of the products on the market. Our customers include well-known global companies from every industry. That is the greatest compliment of all – and the perfect motivation to continue shaping the world of PDF and PDF/A.




“It’s exciting being part of a small team of specialists, because everyone can make an important contribution toward the projects.”

Sebastian, ETH graduate engineer, 
developer, PDF Tools AG


PDF Tools AG offers internships and taster days in our development team. Find out more on our landing page.


AIIM, the Swiss Association for Standardization, Swiss Made Software, VOI, PDF Association

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