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AutoQuotes Inc. operates an electronic catalog for gastronomy equipment and accessories. The directory is full of colorful images and detailed product information. Every day more than 23,000 retailers, sales reps, consultants and manufacturers in the field of gastronomy equipment and supplies save time and money thanks to AutoQuotes Inc.

Customer application requirements

AutoQuotes Inc. previously used the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. However, the following disadvantages encouraged the company to search for a new solution: firstly, the functionality of the Adobe Reader was significantly restricted, and, secondly, it could not be integrated in proprietary applications (it is not possible to integrate the free version in proprietary applications). After careful evaluation AutoQuotes Inc. came to the conclusion that developing a proprietary PDF viewer would prove too expensive and that only a handful of providers could offer usable tools for developing PDF viewing software.

Solution concept

AutoQuotes Inc. had gained previous experience with products from PDF Tools AG and was very satisfied with the high quality of the software solutions. The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer fulfilled every requirement, much in contrast to competitor products. The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer API made it possible to provide ideal solutions to complex technical requirements (PDF document rendering, document load time, page display). The Viewer loads quickly and virtually without delay in comparison to other products. Furthermore, customers of AutoQuotes Inc. no longer need to download the 35.7 MB Adobe Reader (Version 9.1 for Windows XP). The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer API needs a mere 3 MB.


The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer API has enabled AutoQuotes Inc. to provide its customers with a completely integrated viewer for expedient and targeted catalog viewing in full natural color, which makes the ordering process much more efficient. Thus, AutoQuotes Inc. has increased turnover and lowered costs whilst boosting customer satisfaction.

Customer opinion

Our customers appreciate the fact that PDF files can be viewed as rapidly as JPEG images. Waiting times, time-consuming downloads and installations are no longer necessary.

Robert Linders, Vice Director, Software Development, AutoQuotes Inc.

The 3-Heights™ product family from PDF Tools AG stands for:

Customer: AutoQuotes Inc., Jacksonville, USA (www.aqnet.com)

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