3-Heights™ PDF Viewer – view documents in an embedded application

The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer is a compact and sophisticated component for viewing PDF documents, designed for professional use where its highly developed technology can realize its full potential. In addition to characteristics such as high visual fidelity and support for documents in any language the Viewer also displays documents PDF/A-compliant.

Product illustration 3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer


Connect seamless into existing applications


High-resolution viewer for PDF(/A) with support for annotations


Adjust GUI appearance to your requirements

Areas of use

All corporate areas

The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer is an independent and lean component. It is generally suitable for use in all corporate areas to integrate document viewing into an application and customize the layout, functionalities and permissions. It preserves memory resources, reduces load times and minimizes security risks.


Using the PDF Viewer, a user can easily create, edit and save annotations. Properties such as text or color can be predefined (using events), so that company guidelines can be enforced or workflows be optimized. This also allows for implementing a permission check, so that e.g. only privileged users can create new annotations or editing is disabled for read-only documents.

Other areas of use

  • Mobile handhelds
  • Display surface (control) without control elements
  • Signature applications (secure viewing)


  • Navigate manually (user action) or programmatically through a document
  • Support display modes for PageLayout, FitPage and MouseMode 
  • Create, edit and delete annotations 
  • Show thumbnails and/or outlines (bookmarks)
  • Zoom and rotation
  • Search, highlight and select text
  • Set properties such as border width, user units, screen resolution
  • Use password to decrypt PDF documents

More information in the API manual



  • ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1)
  • ISO 19005-2 (PDF/A-2)
  • ISO 19005-3 (PDF/A-3)
  • ISO 32000 (PDF 1.7)

Supported formats

Input formats

  • PDF 
  • PDF/A
  • FDF (Form Data Format)

Output formats

  • PDF
  • PDF/A
  • FDF (Form Data Format)

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