Automate your business document processes - scalable, fast & reliable PDF conversion

4-Heights™ Conversion Service is a professional company-wide software for automating your document processes. It takes input documents of different formats from various sources, harmonizing and processing them according to your use case. Replace inefficient and error-prone manual steps by a reliable automated process and ensure high-quality document conversion to PDF and PDF/A.

Batch convert Word to PDF and PDF/A: mass convert MS Office file formats like Excel, Powerpoint and Word to PDF and PDF/A preparing them for long-term archiving, web view or print. Batch convert doc to PDF, xls to PDF, ppt to PDF, msg to PDF, etc.

4-Heights™ Conversion Service can be accessed via watched folders, Rest API, GUI Client and Shell Client for batch processing using the command line. Its main features and use cases include converting documents to PDF/A for long-term archiving, validating and repairing PDF documents, file optimization (reducing PDF file size, color space conversion), making documents searchable through OCR, merging PDF files and creating digital signatures. Each of these processing steps can be configured and also combined in a customized document workflow tailored to your company’s individual needs.



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PDF Archiving

Optimize your document archiving process by creating archivable PDF/A.

Ensure that your documents are:

  • audit-proof
  • searchable
  • PDF/A conform

Convert to PDF/A and optimize for web view or true-to-color printing.

  • maximal file size compression
  • accurate color space space conversion (RGB to CMYK)
  • Document conversion via REST/watched folder/batch
Quality Assurance

Ensure that all incoming documents meet your requirements, regardless of their source.

  • Is it a valid PDF document?
  • Is it PDF/A conform?
  • Does it comply with your corporate guidelines?


Easy Installation
Just execute the MSI installation package on your server and you are good to go.

Easy Configuration
The Conversion Service introduces profiles for adjusting the overall conversion process to your individual needs. Start with the default profile and adapt it to your scenario using the configurator GUI. Or create your own profiles for different use cases.

Easy Integration
Integrate the Conversion Service using the interface of your choice. We recommend

  • Watched Folders for integration with file share architectures.
  • Shell Client for integration in scripts. Particularly suited for batch processing.
  • REST API for integration into your existing application (enterprise application integration).
  • GUI Client for manual processing. Particularly suited for testing and familiarizing yourself with the Conversion Service.
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Supported Systems

  • Currently available as a Windows service and Linux Docker image
  • Integration in any system/application (e.g. Linux, Docker, Web, SharePoint, ...) possible using the REST API.


Test our 4-Heights™ Conversion Service yourself using an evaluation license with full functionality for 30 days - no credit card required.


4-Heights™ Conversion Service: Request a free and non-binding offer designed to meet your company's specific needs - no commitment.

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