Automate your document workflow - fast & reliable PDF conversion

The 4-Heights™ Conversion Service is an all-round carefree package for automating your document processes. It allows you to harmonize documents from various sources and prepare them optimally for your intended purpose. Substitute inefficient and error-prone manual steps with reliable automated processing.

Product Illustration 4-Heights™ Conversion Service

Convert to PDF/A and optimize for archiving.

Make your documents

  • audit-proof
  • searchable
  • PDF/A conform

Convert to PDF/A and optimize for fast web view or true-to-color printing.

  • maximal file size reduction
  • maximal color accuracy
Quality Assurance

Ensure that all incoming documents meet your requirements, regardless of their source.

  • Is it a valid PDF document?
  • Is it PDF/A conform?
  • Does it comply with your corporate guidelines?

Technical details see  Manual

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

Albert Einstein

Easy Installation
Just execute the MSI installation package on your server and you are good to go.

Easy Configuration
The Conversion Service introduces profiles for adjusting the overall conversion process to your individual needs. Start with the default profile and adapt it to your scenario using the configurator GUI. Or create your own profiles for different use cases.

Easy Integration
Integrate the Conversion Service using the interface of your choice. We recommend

  • Watched Folders for integration with file share architectures.
  • Shell Client for integration in scripts. Particularly suited for batch processing.
  • REST API for integration into your existing application (enterprise application integration).
  • GUI Client for manual processing. Particularly suited for testing and familiarizing yourself with the Conversion Service.
Integration Illustration 4-Heights™ Conversion Service

Supported Systems

  • Currently available as a Windows service, Linux version planned for 2020.
  • Integration in any system/application (e.g. Linux, Docker, Web, SharePoint, ...) possible using the REST API.

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