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Optimization of central PDF conversion at Ecclesia Holding GmbH

Exigences de l'application

At Ecclesia, various Office documents are converted into PDF format using a conversion program integrated into the central document management system and subsequently archived. The aim was to replace this conversion solution with a faster, easier to maintain solution. The benefits of the 3-Heights® Document Converter soon became apparent during extensive testing: Ecclesia was won over by the quality of the created PDF documents and by the high speed, low complexity and stable interface of the solution. The company’s experiences with the sales and support team at PDF Tools AG were also very positive.

Avantages pour le client

Ecclesia now has a high-quality and efficient conversion program in the form of the 3-Heights® Document Converter. For the IT department, the effort involved in manually correcting errors – necessary in the background with the previous solution – has fallen by 75 \% per day thanks to this stable and simple solution. As a result, the conversion service has also improved for the 1,350 staff of Ecclesia as well as for various large annual batch conversions which the service is also used for. They benefit from faster response times when converting their office documents into PDFs from the DMS program.


The 3-Heights® Document Converter was integrated into Ecclesia’s document management system via the Java interface. The converter takes the Office documents from the DMS and converts them into PDF format before they are stored in the electronic folder or sent to the customer.
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Témoignage du client

« In comparison to the previous server solution, this faster tool has enabled us to reduce our costs in the long term while maintaining the same level of quality. »

Dirk Borsetzky,
Deputy Head of IT, Ecclesia Holding GmbH

Profil de l‘entreprise Ecclesia Holding GmbH

Ecclesia Holding GmbH is the parent company of the individual subsidiaries within the Ecclesia Group. With around 1,350 employees, the group is one of Germany’s largest insurance brokers. In addition to having a presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, the Ecclesia Group also operates globally as a member of the JLT International Network for insurance brokers.