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PDF Library SDK to expand multi-platform capable products

Exigences de l'application

Docubase Systems Inc. had a broad range of application requirements. Firstly, it should be possible to extract text from PDF documents for indexing purposes. Secondly, large PDF documents should be able to be split into a number of smaller elements. And thirdly, it should be possible to optimize documents for fast web-based display. The company had been searching since the end of the nineties for technology to denote an ever-growing volume of PDF print files with keywords. In those days the range of available software solutions capable of supporting automatic indexing processes was limited.  Customers of Docubase Systems Inc. wanted a solution capable of graphically enriching printed matter; the application should simultaneously save an electronic copy and make it accessible to users. The most renowned providers of the time recommended PDF (Portable Document Format) to their customers as an alternative to popular printstream formats such as PCL, METACODE, DJDE and other AFP formats.

Avantages pour le client

The products from Docubase Systems Inc. have increased the benefit to customers significantly thanks to technology from PDF Tools AG. All the functions of the PDF library (extracting text, separating, joining, optimizing, encrypting PDF documents, etc.) are available on every supported platform. The versatility of their product applications has grown accordingly - giving Docubase Systems Inc. a clear competitive advantage.


The search for suitable products led Docubase Systems Inc. to the integration tools of PDF Tools AG. One of the decisive factors for utilizing the PDF Library SDK from PDF Tools AG was the availability of the tools for every platform supported by Docubase products: Windows, Linux and Unix.
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Témoignage du client

« The integration of products from PDF Tools AG has contributed towards strengthening our position as market leader in the EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) segment. »

Christophe Godeau,
Product Manager, DocuBase Systems Inc.

Profil de l‘entreprise DocuBase Systems Inc.

Docubase Systems Inc. was founded in 1986 and is a market leader in the field of EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems). The company's program includes powerful, stable and user-friendly solutions for archiving, indexing and displaying confidential and audit-relevant business documents. The solutions are integrated in the Docubase Enterprise™ product group. All formats are acceptable. The product group is scalable and can therefore process millions of documents every month.