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Encryption of customer reports to meet compliance requirements at Bank Hapoalim

Exigences de l'application

Compliance requirements at Bank Hapoalim require that documents are protected against changes when reporting to customers. To meet this requirement, Bank Hapoalim sought a software solution that converts documents into PDF format in batch tasks without any loss in quality and then encrypts them, ensuring that no changes can be made retroactively. Other criteria included small file sizes and CLI compatibility.

Tests revealed that the 3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter is able to guarantee extremely high conversion quality, with almost no additional storage space required after conversion. These aspects, and the stability of the software in batch processing, persuaded the bank to use the conversion tool offered by PDF Tools AG.

Avantages pour le client

This new solution ensures that annual reports sent by Bank Hapoalim to its customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg are able to meet important auditing criteria. Use of the 3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter guarantees that Bank Hapoalim’s PDF documents are protected against retroactive changes.

The existing processes needed no modification in the implementation of this solution, since the PDF components could be easily integrated as a downstream batch process.


The integration was carried out on an ongoing basis in a report batch process in UNIX. The 3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter was integrated using Bourne Shell Scripting. As the final batch process, it converts the documents into PDF format and then encrypts the files.
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Témoignage du client

« The 3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A converter enabled us to reinforce the security of our client statements and was very easy to integrate with our current reporting process. We would definitely recommend this solution. »

Vincent Jacquel,
CIO, Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) Ltd

« The collaboration with PDF Tools AG was very efficient. With their help, we could close quickly a business issue and satisfy our customer.  »

Viktor Lyuzkanov,
Architect Financial Solutions, Hepsic GmbH

Profil de l‘entreprise Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) Ltd

Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland AG) is a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim B.M, the biggest bank in Israel. As a mid-size foreign bank in Switzerland, the Bank offers highly personalized services tailored to the needs of clients of different risk profiles, geographies and investment objectives. Representing the private banking activity of a global bank, with a presence in the key financial capitals, BHI is universal in its outlook and capabilities. Dedicated to long-term relationships with clients, BHI is known for its integrity, discretion and professionalism.

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Hepsic GmbH provides services around enterprise financial solutions for banks and other institutions.