License keys

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New license keys to simplify the licensing process

With the release of version (pre-release) PDF Tools AG introduces a new license management using license keys for its 3‑Heights™ and Classic product family. It is a well known and widely accepted technology in the commercial software market. The licensing model itself does not change. However, the use of the license management will simplify the licensing process for the customer.

What are my advantages of the new license management?

The most important advantage is that the software license is separated from the product kit. In particular, the software for evaluation and production use and is now the same. The customer no longer needs to uninstall the evaluation software and re‑install the productive software. He can simply enter a new license key.

With the help of a Licence Manager tool, the customer also gets a better overview of the type and number of installed licenses. With the same tool, the license keys can be entered, activated, and deleted.

Screenshot PDF Tools License Manager.

What changes for me?

As long as the customer is not downloading an update to its software, nothing will change for him. But, as soon as an update of the software with a version number of or higher is installed, a license key is required for this product.

How do I get the new license key?

For each licensed product an individual license key will be displayed in the customer’s download area.

Screenshot download area.

How long will my license key be valid?

Since the purchased versions are valid eternally, the corresponding license key does not expire as well. However, if an update is required to make use of new features, a new license key must be obtained which are available when a valid maintenance contract is in place.

What impact has the new licensing for me as an OEM customer?

OEM customers have the option to pass a special OEM license key via the application programming interface (API) or to pass it on the command line (shell) to the software. This process is transparent the OEM’s customer.

Do I need a license key for the evaluation?

It will always require a license key for the evaluation. The license key for the evaluation is only valid for a limited time. If you would like to extend the evaluation, you can order a new license key.

What happens when a license key is activated?

The activation is done by entering the key in the license management tool. There is no need for an internet connection for activation and there will no private data be transferred to PDF Tools AG.