PDF manipulation – components overview

3-Heights™ PDF Toolbox

The 3-Heights™ PDF Toolbox API is a component to create and assemble PDF documents.

Use cases

  • Combine PDF documents from different sources
  • Enrich PDF documents with additional information
  • Create new pages with any content

3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split

3‑Heights™ PDF Merge Split is a component for splitting and merging the pages of PDF and PDF/A compliant documents with practical additional functions.

Use cases

  • Merge PDF documents and extract pages
  • Assemble PDF documents for printing and electronic distribution
  • Bundle PDF documents for archiving, e.g. daily/monthly processing

3-Heights™ PDF Extract

3‑Heights™ PDF Extract is a component for reading out the contents and properties of PDF documents.

Use cases

  • Extract information such as text, images and metadata from PDF
  • Integrate into data analysis, indexing and output management systems

PDF Form Filling & Flattening

The PDF Form Filling & Flattening component is used to create, fill and delete form fields in PDF documents automatically and efficiently.

Use cases

  • Create, complete and read PDF forms
  • Personalize PDF documents
  • Transfer data from PDF forms to data entry systems

PDF Batch Stamp Tool

The PDF Batch Stamp Tool is a component for stamping texts, images and watermarks as well as for paginating PDF documents.

Use cases

  • Apply a text or image stamp to the first page, to every page or a range of pages
  • Stamp page numbers
  • Stamp document properties such as the file name, title or author
  • Apply a stamp in the background or foreground
  • Apply or remove removable stamps
  • Apply stamps and simultaneously merge multiple PDF documents
  • Set alpha channel for invisible or transparent stamps

PDF Command Line Suite

PDF Command Line Suite is a set of programs for the command line that process PDF documents individually and in batch mode.

Use cases

PDF Command Line Suite consists of various specialized command line programs that can be used without any programming effort. They can be concatenated – for instance, if documents in a batch process should first be checked for content prior to merging.

  • PDF Merge Program for merging multiple PDF documents
  • PDF Split Program for splitting a single PDF document into multiple PDF documents
  • PDF Select Program for reading out selected pages
  • PDF Text Extraction Program
  • PDF Form Filling Program for simple form-based functions
  • PDF Web Link Program for inserting web links
  • PDF Table of Contents Program for creating tables of contents

PDF Prep Tool Suite

The PDF Prep Tool Suite is a programming library for creating, splitting, merging and edit PDF documents.

Use cases

  • Merge any number of pages from one or multiple PDF documents
  • Apply content to the background or foreground of an existing or new page
  • Text (page number, address, customer number, etc.)
  • Image (company logo, scanned signature)
  • Vector graphic (line, square, curve)
  • Extract text including font and positioning information
  • Add, fill in, delete and read out form fields
  • Add internal and external links and comments
  • Copy content from multiple pages to one page including positioning, scaling and rotation
  • Set and get outlines (bookmarks) in PDF documents
  • Define and extract document properties such as title, author, date of creation, etc.
  • Encrypt PDF documents with a password and set permission flags
  • Optimize PDF files for fast web view (linearization)
  • Set color as RGB or CMYK
  • Set page size (media box) and visible area (crop box)
  • Remove viewer access rights

We have a series of very specialized tools for various scenarios. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirement you may have.