PDF Quality Gate – safeguards the quality of your documents

Safeguarding document quality is vital in any business, especially when it comes to sharing documents or digitally archiving them, and specifically if the documents might one day be needed for an audit or a legal issue.

The PDF Quality Gate has been developed precisely with this in mind.

Documents that can no longer be opened, are not conform, are rendered incorrectly, or are inadvertently changed due to inadequate protection – these are all common problems faced by companies today.

Most of these issues arise from the fact that businesses don’t just work with documents from internal sources: through dealings with partners, customers, public bodies, and other organizations, they constantly receive new documents that have to be processed.

So how can the integrity, availability and validity of these documents be guaranteed over the entire life cycle? The PDF Quality Gate is a check-in/check-out counter for incoming and outgoing documents in PDF and PDF/A format.

It safeguards the quality of documents on the basis of three questions:

  • Is it a valid PDF document?
  • Does it conform to the PDF/A-ISO standard?
  • Does it comply with corporate guidelines?

Quality assurance – trust is good, control is better

No business can get by these days without the electronic exchange of documents. And all businesses have to comply with the legal provisions concerning the handling and electronic archiving of business-related information. Legislation, regulations and infrastructures can hardly keep up with developments.

This makes it more important than ever to stay in control and have effective systems in place to meet the ever-changing requirements. Furthermore, conformance with industry and company-specific regulations may also have to be monitored.

With the PDF Quality Gate, PDF Tools AG provides a framework that can be tailored to meet a company’s specific document management requirements.

The 3-Heights™ components offer a range of functions that can be combined into a customized ‘toolkit’ to map the following application areas in PDF Quality Gate:

  • Initial validation: All documents created outside the company are analyzed and inspected upon receipt (e.g. by email) to determine whether they are suitable for further processing. The system checks that the file displays correctly and that none of the data contained in it is corrupt.

  • Repair: Incorrect PDF creation, manipulation, file transmission errors, system crashes and many other factors can corrupt PDF documents illegible. Document errors are automatically identified and repaired, and lost content is recovered as far as is possible. Harmful and/or non-relevant content, such as video or audio, is removed.

  • Optimization: The resolution, colors and fonts are optimized depending on what the document is to be used for (archiving, web/email, print), in order to minimize the file size.

  • Conversion: All documents that have been checked, repaired, optimized and prepared for the digital archive are converted into the PDF/A-2 standard.

  • Signing: The documents are signed for the electronic long-term archive in accordance with the PAdES standard.

Benchmark – throughput of PDF and PDF/A documents in the PDF Quality Gate*

  • Quality Gate: 700 pages/sec
  • Conversion to PDF/A-2b: 240 pages/sec
  • Conversion to image-based PDF: 45 pages/sec
  • Optimization for web: 240 pages/sec
  • Optimization for print: 400 pages/sec

* The figures were obtained on a Windows 10 computer, Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU with 4 cores and 16GB RAM. They do not include the time needed to send files over the network to a web service. All figures are heavily dependent on the complexity of the input files.

The framework of the PDF Quality Gate can be tailored to your individual requirements. Get in touch and tell us what you expect from your PDF Quality Gate. You can also use our products selectively to perform individual processing stages (e.g. optimization). We will be pleased to advise you.

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