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Picture Newsletter July 2016

Chestnuts – Marroni – Kastanien – traditional chronicles of Swiss Christmas, part 11

"Heissi Marroni!" – you may have heard this call from street vendors selling roasted chestnuts in winter. Brought to Switzerland by the Romans centuries ago, the humble chestnut was then considered food for the poor before rising to its current status as a welcome treat to ward off the cold.

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The expert blog for developer, OEM’s, integrators and all intersted parties relanting the daily challenges within the PDF universe. Autor: Dr. Hans Bärfuss

Using blockchains as an alternative to PKIs for digital signatures
How to render the text of a PDF document if the font is not embedded?
Inline images and Type 3 fonts
How to convert signed documents to PDF/A?


March, 29 – 30, 2017
Documation MIS 2017
Paris, France

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Murphy’s Law - from capturing to archiving

Read the article and get more information on capturing and long term archiving.

PDF 2.0 - next generation

Read the article and get more information about the upcoming standard PDF 2.0


White papers

Digital signatures from the cloud – Basics and Applications

  • Basics of digital signature
  • Task and uses of the signature service from the cloud
  • Software for the use of the signature service from the cloud

White Paper: Digital signatures from the cloud – Basics and Applications
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Presentation, PDF Days 2016, Berlin

As the uses of the PDF document format have extended in diverse areas, the need for optimizing PDFs for different purposes is more important than ever. In this talk, we show in what ways PDFs can be optimized, with and without affecting their visual appearances.We cover topics such as PDF objects optimization, font and font files optimization, image optimization including MRC (mixed raster content) optimization. Finally, we show some real-world examples and show where the fundamental limits of file-size optimization for PDFs are.

"PDF and PDF/A Optimization"
Speaker: Christoph Reller, PDF Tools AG

Presentation, PDF Technical Conference 2015, San Jose

If you can’t open a PDF file because it is bad or damaged is an unpleasant experience. The presentation introduces the audience to the cause and the art of repairing damaged PDF files. Optimization is more than just compressing images and reducing the size of a PDF file. It can also be used to prepare a document for a specific purpose such as web publishing or printing. The presentation gives an overview of the most common optimization tasks.

"Repairing and optimizing PDF files"
Speaker: Ulrich Altorfer, PDF Tools AG  

Presentations, PDF Days Europe 2015, Cologne

"PDF/A bei der „Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung a.G."
Konvertierung von Dokumenten aus diversen Eingangskanälen ins Langzeitarchiv

Speakers: Steffen Bieker, Alte Leipziger and
Ulrich Altorfer, PDF Tools AG  
(only available in German)


"The challenges of PDF to PDF/A conversion"
Lessons learned after a decade of converting real-world PDF documents to PDF/A

Speaker: Sebastian Ryffel, PDF Tools AG


Presentations, PDF Days Europe 2014, Cologne


"What is unique about PDF rendering?"
PDF has its unique 2D graphics paradigm. What is special about PDF rendering? Why can't I use standard graphics libraries to build a PDF rendering engine?

Speaker: Dr. Hans Bärfuss


"Automatisierte Umwandlung von Dokumenten in PDF/A"
Eine unternehmensweite, skalierbare und robuste Lösung mit Zusatznutzen

Speaker: Ulrich Altorfer
(only available in German)

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Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?

Scanned documents have been archived successfully in PDF/A format for more than six years. However, the attitude towards archiving digitally created documents is more reserved. What are the reasons? Some are obvious: scanned documents are easier to convert into PDF/A format, whilst converting digitally created documents usually represents a technical challenge. Slightly less obvious are errors in the reproduction of the converted document, functional limitations of the PDF/A standard, and other reasons. However, these challenges can be overcome with the right strategies.

Source: www.dokmagazin.de, edition 3 2013
Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss

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3‑Heights™ Document Converter – Basics and Applications

Documents for conversion may exist in a wide variety of file formats. Most common are files produced by applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio, as well as emails, text, and scanned image files such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Long-term retention and interchange with business partners are the main reasons for converting such documents.

Read the 3‑Height™ Document Converter Whitepaper

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